About arco city

Q: How to apply for your services?
A: You can apply for our services in person, by email or fax. Once we received the application form with a required document and the payment, the service can have the immediate effect.

Q: What payment methods can be used?
A: For the first payment, we accept cash, cheque, bank transfer and online payment. After that, you can also set up a Direct Debit for the monthly payment.

Q: What should I do if I am not going to renew the contract?
A: You have to give us the early notice before the contract end. The notice period depends on different services and contract term; it needs 1 month notice.

Q: What is arco city’s working hour?
A: Monday – Friday 0900-1800. All bank holidays & weekends are not working.

About Hot Desk:

Q: What is the difference between Hot Desk and other provided service?
A: Hot desk system is a shared work station in an opened and common area. Clients need not reserve the table in advance, and also clients are allowed to occupy any available desk as you will.

Q: How does it work?
A: Once you have joined our service packages, you are allowed to use this service immediately. You can access to your work station 24/7 without complicated restrictions.

Q: What are the complimentary amenities and services in arco city?
A: arco city helps its users to focus on their works. The rest can count on us!
  • High speed internet
  • Air conditioning
  • Daily office cleaning
  • Coffee and tea
  • Newspapers & magazines
  • Mail handling
  • Scanning and fax out
  • Assigned locker
  • Access to arco city public area
  • Access to professional and lifestyle events
  • Member’s exclusive professional and lifestyle benefits & discounts

Q: Are there any paid value-add services in arco city?
A: Yes. Here are some of the paid value-added services you can choose from:
  • Dedicated phone number
  • Printing
  • Photocopying
  • Vending machine
  • Meeting room
  • Hosting Event
If you need these service(s), you may contact us for more information.

About Dedicated Desk:

Q: What is dedicated Desk?
A: An assigned desk space in a large open area or enclosed office shared with other members. This dedicated space comes with a lockable filing cabinet for your personal belongings. Desktops may be set up and left overnight.

About Serviced Office

Q: Is Serviced Office suitable for my business model?
A: It is suitable for:
  • Start-up business which requires a flexible and cost-effective office space.
  • Growing enterprise looking for a fully furnished new branch office.
  • Company’s special project team is requiring a low cost and fully equipped office.
  • The company that requires relocation and seeks for a quick start-up office environment.
  • The overseas multinational company is seeking for a prestigious office space.
  • Any business that looks for an office as its corporate contingency plan.

Q: Why arco city’s Serviced Office is a good option for my business?
A: It is because:
  • Prestigious office location can uplift your company image.
  • Excellent building reputation and office design is a good choice as your working environment.
  • High standard centre facilities are available to minimize your office’s fixed cost.
  • Located in the heart of financial and commercial district makes it easy to access to your client’s office.
  • Right next to the MTR (subway) station with highly convenient transportation network.
  • Flexible lease terms and dynamic office space are offered to match your business development.

Q: Can I move in immediately?
A: Yes, definitely. arco city fully furnished Serviced Office is ready for your on-day move-in. Also, our assistant is welcome to assist you to solve any problem regarding the office. Please do not hesitate to seek for our help.

Q: Is there any flexibility to match our company’s expansion plan?
A: Within our Centre, you can upsize or downsize your office unit at any time. acro city has many different room sizes for your selection. Please contact us for more information.

Q: What kinds of office view are available for my selection?
A: You may choose between:
  • Sea-view office
  • City-view office
  • Standard internal office

Q: In general, how many people can accommodate into arco city?
A: It depends on your room’s size. You can upgrade whenever you want (Please contact us for the availability).

Q: How long is the contract period for arco city?
A: arco city Serviced Office contract is flexible. The minimum lease term is one month, and the maximum lease term is 24 months. And there will be an additional privilege if you sign the contract for six months or above.

Q: Are there any free facilities provided?
A: The pantry area, the Reception and the VIP space are only available to our hotdesk and rooms’ users. You can use the private meeting room as pre usage.

About Virtual Office

Q: Is it possible to use my existing company phone number continuously?
A: Yes. Package B & C offer a dedicated phone number to you, and you can forward your existing company phone number to this dedicated phone number. It is also available when our Receptionist received the call from your line, we will answer the call in your company name during office hour.

Q: How long is the contract period for a arco city Virtual Office?
A: The minimum contract period is 12 months.

Q: Can I get my number first before the service start?
A: As our numbers live in a large bank, if you want to reserve the number, you have to activate the account at the same time.

Q: Is arco city Virtual Office suitable for my business model?
A: It is suitable for:
  • Start-up business that wants to test the market and minimize the set-up cost.
  • Professionals who work freelance and require a corporate identity.
  • The company that needs a premier business address for contacting clients.
  • A frequent traveler who does not have the need of a physical working space.
  • An overseas company that requires a local representative office at the lowest cost.
  • Multinational organization looking for a cost-effective office solution to enter the Hong Kong market.
  • A corporation that plans to enter the China market and treats Hong Kong as a transit point.

Q: What is the cost of activating my arco city Virtual Office? Are there any hidden costs?
  • There are absolutely no hidden costs. The only cost is the monthly fee for your selected Virtual Office Plan, but we require a 12 months contract and we offer a discount for it.
  • All other additional services such as Fax-to-Email available on other plan: Please contact us to see which plan fit the most.

Q: How quick my arco city Virtual Office could be activated?
A: Instantly! Your new office address and telephone number could be activated immediately upon registration process are finished. You can use it once you have paid.

Q: Can I have arco city address as the government registered address?
A: Yes, arco city will receive mails and parcels for you, and we will notify you when we receive them.

About Meeting Room:

Q: What are the charges for the conference room?
A: We provide flexible booking schedule for meeting room rental, charge per 15 minutes. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested.

Q: When should I reserve the meeting room?
A: You should reserve at least before one working day. You can reserve it in person, by phone, or by email. We will send you a confirmation shortly if it is available.

Q: Do your Centre provide food and beverages services?
A: We can help you to arrange catering, please feel free to contact us if you need it.

About Company Formation

Q: How to apply for company registration?
A: arco city provide one-stop service through our team of professionals, and we have extensive experience in our company formation established for many years.
Once you planned your company name, we will help you to handle the registration procedures of opening the company in HKSAR.

Q: How long does it take to incorporate Hong Kong Limited?
A: It takes around 7-8 working days after signing all government document.

About Telephone System

Q: What greeting will my clients hear?
A: You can decide what personalized greeting our live Receptionist say when they greet your clients. Also, your clients can hear an automatic warm greeting first which recorded by you or Premier Assistant when they call your company phone number.

Q: How does the voicemail system work?
A: Voicemail is available in room’s telephone and Virtual office Package C. You or Premier Assistant can record the main greeting for your voicemail box. If your clients leave a voice message, you will receive the voicemail sound file with date, time, and phone number of the call stamped by email immediately.

Q: How does the calls work after office hours?
A: Our Live Receptionist phone answering service is available from Monday to Friday, 9am-6pm (Exclude Hong Kong Public Holiday). After office hours, our automated system can forward the calls to you directly, or transfer the calls into the voicemail system.

Q: How do my call forwarding works?
A: Our fully trained trilingual Receptionist will answer the incoming calls of your desired message. As per your instructions, your calls can be forwarded instantly to your local number (e.g. mobile number, home phone number or direct office line), or our Receptionist can take down the messages and notify you.