When you start looking for your office location, convenience should be the typical major factor that you need to consider, no matter for the clients and your employees, which influence the attraction of your company to them. Based on your company’s nature, it will provide a direction for you to select the right place. Let’s imagine, you’re a FinTech company and your major clients are from financial partners, you have to choose the place like Admiralty or Wan Chai where are concentrated of your clients and potential clients.

It is difficult for a start-up company to rent an office in the center of the city, especially in Hong Kong. A new concept came out at present, which is shared office. In the last few years, lots of co-working space/business center were established in Hong Kong, with various options including office suites, private office, and shared workspace. You can select your suitable plan according to your company’s nature and a number of employees. It is a proper alternative to lower the entry gate to start the business with a good location.

Hardware support is a key component of a company to run their business such as Internet support, business printer, conference room availability, mail and delivery services etc. These facilities are not only advance the workers’ efficiency but also build connections with external partners all over the world. It is essential for you to consider different infrastructures when you are searching for an office based on your needs.

Having a positive first impression for clients will increase their confidence in your company which has a higher chance to achieve targets. The different working environment of a company shows different messages to visitors. The design of the office should be fit in your company’s industry. For example, it won’t allow colorful and splashy style in an accounting firm.

Building a network is one of the important keys for a company to have a long-term development of its business. As for a startup, you need to keep interacting with different people in order to promote your brand. If you are in co-working space, it becomes easier to communicate with various companies because the host of the co-working space regularly organizes numerous events to their internal clients.