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What to consider when looking for office space

An office is a place where you spend most of your time as compared to your home. It should be comfortable, so you can easily do your work. If the workplace is not warm then your whole time in office could be difficult and you may not be able to concentrate on your work. So the office should be full of facilitates that meet all the modern office requirements. As business grows, it is very common to move to a different and bigger office. There are some factors that you should have to consider when getting an office space.

1. Office Space Location:

Location of the office is a key factor. It should be easily reachable. When you buy an office then you should think about these two facts:

  • Make sure your clients can easily find your office
  • Easily reachable for your employees, i.e. within a reasonable commutation time for drivers and people taking public transportation

office space locationIf your clients cannot find your place, it will affect your business because you may need to arrange meetings on another renewed place and it will increase your expense. On the other hand, if your new place is quite far from a bus stop or outside from the city then you may have to arrange to a pick and drop for your employees. So in both cases, you will probably lose profit and also gain expenses. So be careful while looking for an office.

2. Price of the office space:

Other than location, price is, of course, important. Because you have to pick a place that should be within your budget. Most landlords ask for rental deposit/security deposit of 3 to 6 months. There are many things that you need to consider, such as:

  • Price of place should be less than your budget.
  • You should be clear about every clause of your contract with the landlord and don’t forget to ask about the hidden cost of maintenance etc.
  • The price of your new place should match your provision of business growth. Its percentage in your total expense should be more or less the same as your old office, so you can manage your business without any increasing expense.

The main aim is to make the best deal of your choice.

3. Facilities:

The required office should be in the commercial building where meeting places like coffee or conference halls are available on demand. It is not uncommon to find  commercial buildings with fitness centers in it to facilitate their tenants to relax and exercise physically.

If you are renting an office space, should have all the modern facilities like full-time electricity, public Wi-Fi, etc. and easy reachable to hospital or dispensary in case of an emergency.

Standard amenities in an office spaceThe place should better have wide car parking so anyone who want to visit or even your employees will never face any problem on car parking. You should also check the size of the office, to ensure that it will meet your office need, not only current moment but also in short future.

The place should be in good condition, if not then talk to your landlord to renovate it or else reconsider its adequacy. If a building that you choose as office have right facilities then you don’t have to spend your effort on caring about infrastructure, instead you can focus all your effort on crucial matters that will grow your business.

4. Dose Style really matters?

Other than basic requirements, office style could be a matter. If the real aim of moving an office is to revamp your business then you should choose a place that has similar chemistry in it.

If you really want to make your business is a big brand then office style matters. You need to put some idea to make your office with a style that match the your business values which you would like to convey to your customers .

A well styled office could help to concentrate you clients, your employees, and business partner easily. Read your contract properly and discuss everything before finalize the deal. Make sure that if your brand need extra space or require upgrade then you will have an authority to fulfill your business requirements.

5. Slow and steady pace wins the race:

Moving from one office to another is not an easy task. It requires time and money in order not to make any hustle and therefore you better be ready to spend more your time to choose the right office for your business. Because any wrong decision will make you suffer in a long run.

Do your homework first by find, then try to visit more many candidate locations and buffer a some months for this task. Sufficient buffer will allow you to  visit and check the all factors before actual moving in. If you don’t have time but you want all the facilities in one place then you can also consult a professional property dealer who has the experience. Their jobs are to  make the best deal for you. Just tell them all  your requirements and within a few weeks or even days they will likely give you your best choice. Don’t be panic or make a hurry in taking the decision.

Is your workplace dull and unattractive? Do you feel like there must be something different or more creative that will make you enjoy working in your workplace? According to Gensler’s Workplace Performance Index, 21% of UK workers think that better designed workplace can boost productivity. So, how does office design affect productivity in co-working?

How office design impact productivity in co-working:

Since workplaces are prone to changes, therefore office design specialists are increasingly challenged with the establishment of workspace that not only can satisfy the needs of the tenants but rather will exceed them. Co-working spaces are the perfect examples of how design specialists deal with this challenge. Though the co-working environments have been around for years, now they have gained mainstream focus as more and more providers are entering the market to fulfill the needs of an extremely fluid workforce.

Creative layout is one of the reasons for the emerging popularity of collaborative workplaces and is also one of  the reasons for a growing trend to move away from the traditional working environments. The various needs of the employees have a major influence in the aesthetic and layout of the rising modern workplaces. Thus, office design has great influence in the newly setup workplace which the modern co-working providers are seeking for.

The workplace experience can be observed from the office entrance to throughout the entire office environment that includes desk, furniture, meeting room rental, event space,  layout as well as the choice of food or coffee that are found in most offices. The goal of the creatively designed workplaces is to make employees more comfortable and productive. Here are the ways in which design impact the productivity in co-working environments.

Productivity in co-working environment

1. Personal workspace:

New office designs emphasizes a balance of personal workspace and public shared workspace. Employees can enjoy their own little place to work but also accessible public area some relaxation, sharing, collaboration and fun. Every worker can customize his personal workspace according to his needs. If a person likes to have an organized workspace, he can be free from disruption. Others can opt for a more messier environment that make the person busy and occupied. Every person has the freedom to enjoy the collaborative workspace according to his desires.

2. Environmental design:

The design of office largely affects the health as well as the well-being of its workers. This means environmental factor is also important when considering workspace design. This includes the ventilation as well as air conditioning or heating systems, support for disabled works and visitors, etc.

Lighting is crucial office design element, as improper lighting can cause stress, eye strain, headaches or tiredness.

Extreme noises in the workplace environment can make the employees less productive as it leads to distraction and difficulty in communicating with co-workers.

The co-working environment should include quiet nooks for intense work or informal meeting areas.

3. Ergonomics:

Adopting ergonomics measure is to make sure the designing or arranging workplace can fit the people who use them. This will lead to a minimum risk to the health and decrease fatigue and strain.

The desks must be comfortable and easy functional so that the employees can perform better  to reduce the associated risks to their hands, wrists, backs or joints. However, different workplaces have a different kind of ergonomics measure.

Ergonomics will help boosting productivity in co-working environment

Nevertheless, laptops or screens are common in office. Monitors should be positioned in the best manner to enable the employees to have the most comfortable position while working. We recommend using footrests or rests for the mouse or keyboard to enable the employees to work continuously for hour easily and with maximum potential.

4. Flexible and customized:

The design of the workspace must be customized to the needs of the employees. It should provide them with the comfort in order to work properly. The interior of the offices design should benefit the employees’ productivity. The décor, the furniture and the overall environment must be good enough to make the employees feel good in the workspace.

Sometimes decorated with motivational quotes can play a major role in motivating the employees. Moreover, using plants in the office can provide an outside-inside green look to the office. Plants makes workplace both environmentally friendly as well as more beautiful.

Co-working space providers must think beyond the basic needs of the tenants. Productivity in co-working space should also be cosidered, and boosted by making the environments more creative, engaging and inspiring. A unique and exclusive workspace can also be a reason for their workers to feel pride, to feel good to be a part of the organization.

The impact of design on productivity in co-working environments
Why shared office space is the future?

As a startup owner, you might wonder whether to rent a shared office space or rent a traditional office of your own. Nowadays, many organizations are making use of shared office space, or joining co-working communities. What was once primarily seen as a freelancer’s domain has rapidly turned into a suitable choice for organizations.

It should not shock anyone that tech startups are also swinging to co-working at expanding rates. In any case, does that mean shared office space is ideal for each startup? In this article, we will discuss why managed or shared office space is a better option.

More Flexibility

The clearest benefit of shared office space is the flexibility that it gives in three distinct territories:

Flexible Plan Options: With co-working, there are ordinarily no year-long lease necessities. Private serviced office, co-working space, and virutal office are altogether offered on monthly, or sometimes weekly, rental basis.

Flexible Cost Options: With no up-front expenses, no deposits, and an assortment of alternative plans, co-working gives the founders with a profitable open door for minimizing their expenses.

Flexible Space Options: Increase your group count by five individuals overnight? You could most probably change to a private office fairly fast. If you need to discard your private work area for a hot seating go since you are not around as regularly as you figured you would be? Don’t worry about it.

Not certain what amount of money your startup will have three months from now? The overall flexibility given by co-working could give unprecedented peace of mind, contrasted with the duty of an average lease.

Opportunities to Connect with Startup Founders

Building a startup could get sort of lonely sometimes. Regardless of the period of growth, there are in every case new thing to learn, do, and assess. Encircle yourself with different entrepreneurs can help lift the spirits when things get harsh, particularly if those people are also working in the technology space.

Shared office space provide opportunity to connect with other peopleThe best shared office spaces have a lot of occasions for blending, networking, and gaining from individual associates. Regardless of whether that be in the form of happy and cherishing hours, instructive workshops, or visitor speaker occasions, situating yourself in a workspace where you can’t resist the urge to meet different entrepreneurs could have the effect for your startup. Working around similarly invested individuals will enable your startup to grow.

Lower Costs

Shared office spaces are quite often less expensive as compared to their traditional offices. Purchasing a huge office could set you back colossally, and renting a space will cost no less than a few tens of thousands HK dollars per month. With enrollment charges possibly only a few thousands per month, shared spaces have a noteworthy advantage.

Fewer Responsibilities

The entrepreneurs who share in shared space also have fewer responsibilities to stress over. Things like cleaning and support are dealt with by the building’s owners. Tenants can free from irritating errands and responsibilities. This is one reason why twenty to thirty year old will in general lean toward leasing over owning.

Smaller Commitments

Twenty to thirty year old also like the possibility that they don’t need to commit. Leases will in general cover times of quite a long while, and owning a building is an investment that can keep going for 10 years or more. Shared office space, then again, can be reduced to a month to month, day by day, or hourly, if your requirements change regularly, this is an absolute necessity.


It may express the self-evident, however working in shared office is to pick protection as well as peace of mind. Most of the shared office spaces work using genuinely sophisticated entrance innovation. Whether the security appears as key card access or nonstop work area security, you could rest easy realizing that your are in a secure environment.

Shared office space has tight security meaures to protect their membersAccess to More Information

Entrepreneurs, telecommuters and freelancers give themselves access to a vast number of individuals, with a wide scope of ranges of abilities and learning, when they set themselves up to work in a collective workplace. Individuals can share their ideas freely. Individuals are there because they want to network and work in a shared space.

You can find co-working spaces filled with intelligent, innovative, and hard-working individuals. Communitarian workspace shares learning and inventiveness. It is one of the greatest benefits and a noteworthy reason why you must spend some time working in them.

Working with and becoming acquainted with individuals from totally different ventures enable you to absorb new thoughts from other people who are not typically in your network.

These are only some of the benefits of working in shared office spaces. Adaptable and streamlined, intended to address the issues of modern business, shared offices permit organizations youthful and old employees to connect with professional models while minimizing expenses and minimizing incidental work on your part. If you haven’t yet thought about it, today may be the day to step toward working in a shared environment.

Hong Kong is a perfect place to start a business. The country has been recorded as one of the world’s best economy, it is one of the countries that has the least corruption rates and a global banking and business leader. Therefore, it is a great choice for opening your business in Hong Kong. In addition, starting a business in Hong Kong is easy and low cost. Moreover, your office in Hong Kong can serve as the gateway for doing business with other Asian countries. Here is a few things you need to know about starting your business in HK.

Start a business in Hong Kong

1. Types of companies

The first thing you must consider before you start a business is that what type of companies are allowed to register in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong-incorporated Subsidiary Company

A foreign company in Hong Kong can setup “limited liability” type of company.  Nevertheless, limited is the most common type of company in Hong Kong. Because it is incorporated in HK, it provides same tax benefits to the foreigners as well. Moreover, foreign companies can also enjoy free trade with China agreement.

Branch Office of a Foreign Company

The other type is the “branch office” where the parent company is registered in some other countries and you can open a branch for the parent company in Hong Kong. As a result, the office will not be independent of the parent company and there will be a set of restrictions that it has to follow.

Representative Office

The representative office is the most restricted type to have a presence in HK as it cannot be engaged in any profit-making activities. It means you cannot sell or make goods and services, it is best for those who seek for a non-sales branch of the company.

2. Choosing the name

Before you start a business, you have to choose the name for your company while ensuring that it is available legally. By searching the “Hong Kong Company Registry” online you will be able to find the registered name of all the businesses in Hong Kong.

3. The process to start a business in Hong Kong

The below steps are a general guide to start a business in Hong Kong:

1. Submitting an application for the purpose of incorporation online with the help of HK 24-hour company’s electronic registry. For this you will have to follow these steps:

  • You will need the NNC1 form or incorporation form.
  • Form IRB1 or a notice is given to the Business Registration Office.
  • The company you are setting up, its Article of Association’s copy.

2. Applying to the business registration

Applying for business registration is a part of the application for the incorporation. You will need these things for that:

  • The fee for business registration which is approximately HK$2,000 for one year or around HK$5200 for three years.
  • HK$250 for one year of levy to the protection of wages which are on insolvency fund or HK$750 for three years.

4. Time required for registration

Registration online to setup your Hong Kong Company is easy, all you need is to get the required documentsready for approval. You can also easily get the documents in an hour, for example, the Certificate of Incorporation or Business Registration Certificate. Mailing the documents will lengthen the process and it may take 4 days to issue your certificates.

5. Bank account

Before you start your business, you will need a bank account in order to get started in Hong Kong. Though the personal bank account can be opened by an easy process, however, opening a business bank account will require more paperwork. Cross border accounts are perfect for this purpose that you can use throughout the world.

6. Visa

There are some extra requirements of Hong Kong visa that gives you entry to the establishment of your business. Your business has to make a reasonable amount of contribution to the economy. In order for the application to be successful, you must have a good education as well as professional qualifications. Also, you should not have any police record in which you are indulged in. You will need a sponsor in order to have a work visa in HK, the sponsor can be individual or a company of at least 18 years of age, he must be a Hong Kong resident as well as have an acquaintance with you.

Visa required to start a business in Hong KongThe application form can be downloaded online from the Immigration Department or get it from the Chinese mission. You will also need some documents for the visa application, that includes, a recent passport-sized photograph, a proof of your work experience and academic qualifications, a copy of the passport, business registration’s copy, the business plan of two-years, business activities or background information. All these details will help you in getting your application submitted and proofing you an authentic person.

How to start a business in Hong Kong
5 Tips Choosing the Right Office Space Location

When you start looking for your office location, convenience should be the typical major factor that you need to consider, no matter for the clients and your employees, which influence the attraction of your company to them. Based on your company’s nature, it will provide a direction for you to select the right place. Let’s imagine, you’re a FinTech company and your major clients are from financial partners, you have to choose the place like Admiralty or Wan Chai where are concentrated of your clients and potential clients.

It is difficult for a start-up company to rent an office in the center of the city, especially in Hong Kong. A new concept came out at present, which is shared office. In the last few years, lots of co-working space/business center were established in Hong Kong, with various options including office suites, private office, and shared workspace. You can select your suitable plan according to your company’s nature and a number of employees. It is a proper alternative to lower the entry gate to start the business with a good location.

Hardware support is a key component of a company to run their business such as Internet support, business printer, conference room availability, mail and delivery services etc. These facilities are not only advance the workers’ efficiency but also build connections with external partners all over the world. It is essential for you to consider different infrastructures when you are searching for an office based on your needs.

Having a positive first impression for clients will increase their confidence in your company which has a higher chance to achieve targets. The different working environment of a company shows different messages to visitors. The design of the office should be fit in your company’s industry. For example, it won’t allow colorful and splashy style in an accounting firm.

Building a network is one of the important keys for a company to have a long-term development of its business. As for a startup, you need to keep interacting with different people in order to promote your brand. If you are in co-working space, it becomes easier to communicate with various companies because the host of the co-working space regularly organizes numerous events to their internal clients.

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