Rent a Private Office

At Arco City, we provide flexible and furnished private office rooms at Wanchai and Causeway Bay which is ready to be occupied subject to a simple rental process. We have a variety of rooms available for start-up businesses looking to have a centralised office location. With all of the offices available through our services, you will gain access to a variety of facilities which will help your business in its starting phase, and encourage your business growth.

Acro City offers flexible periods of occupation and sizes of service office to rent. Our offices can fit from one person upward. In each room is a workstation, which you can gain access to 24/7. So, tune in and zone out.

Getting Your Business Started With Private Office

It is simple to get your business started with the help of our services. All you have to do is to get in touch, identify the room that best suits your business needs, and from there we will pair you with serviced office to rent in Wanchai and Causeway Bay.

You can get a furnished office at an exceptional price located in the heart of Wan Chai. Start your business off the right way by placing yourself in the professional hub of the HK city.

Effortless Introductions

We pay a lot of attention towards making sure each member is introduced to the entire community of business professionals within arco city’s doors.

Each office occupier will have access to a variety of facilities and services. To discover all of these and serviced office to rent pricing, look at the tables below.

Get Your Hands on a Serviced or Private Office in HK

Discover More about our offices available in Hong Kong by getting in touch with our exceptional team today. They will be able to help you find the perfect serviced office space in Hong Kong for your business.

Facilities & Services

Starting at HK4,800/mo. up

Let’s enjoy co-working life!