An office is a place where you spend most of your time as compared to your home. It should be comfortable, so you can easily do your work. If the workplace is not warm then your whole time in office could be difficult and you may not be able to concentrate on your work. So the office should be full of facilitates that meet all the modern office requirements. As business grows, it is very common to move to a different and bigger office. There are some factors that you should have to consider when getting an office space.

1. Office Space Location:

Location of the office is a key factor. It should be easily reachable. When you buy an office then you should think about these two facts:

  • Make sure your clients can easily find your office
  • Easily reachable for your employees, i.e. within a reasonable commutation time for drivers and people taking public transportation

office space locationIf your clients cannot find your place, it will affect your business because you may need to arrange meetings on another renewed place and it will increase your expense. On the other hand, if your new place is quite far from a bus stop or outside from the city then you may have to arrange to a pick and drop for your employees. So in both cases, you will probably lose profit and also gain expenses. So be careful while looking for an office.

2. Price of the office space:

Other than location, price is, of course, important. Because you have to pick a place that should be within your budget. Most landlords ask for rental deposit/security deposit of 3 to 6 months. There are many things that you need to consider, such as:

  • Price of place should be less than your budget.
  • You should be clear about every clause of your contract with the landlord and don’t forget to ask about the hidden cost of maintenance etc.
  • The price of your new place should match your provision of business growth. Its percentage in your total expense should be more or less the same as your old office, so you can manage your business without any increasing expense.

The main aim is to make the best deal of your choice.

3. Facilities:

The required office should be in the commercial building where meeting places like coffee or conference halls are available on demand. It is not uncommon to find  commercial buildings with fitness centers in it to facilitate their tenants to relax and exercise physically.

If you are renting an office space, should have all the modern facilities like full-time electricity, public Wi-Fi, etc. and easy reachable to hospital or dispensary in case of an emergency.

Standard amenities in an office spaceThe place should better have wide car parking so anyone who want to visit or even your employees will never face any problem on car parking. You should also check the size of the office, to ensure that it will meet your office need, not only current moment but also in short future.

The place should be in good condition, if not then talk to your landlord to renovate it or else reconsider its adequacy. If a building that you choose as office have right facilities then you don’t have to spend your effort on caring about infrastructure, instead you can focus all your effort on crucial matters that will grow your business.

4. Dose Style really matters?

Other than basic requirements, office style could be a matter. If the real aim of moving an office is to revamp your business then you should choose a place that has similar chemistry in it.

If you really want to make your business is a big brand then office style matters. You need to put some idea to make your office with a style that match the your business values which you would like to convey to your customers .

A well styled office could help to concentrate you clients, your employees, and business partner easily. Read your contract properly and discuss everything before finalize the deal. Make sure that if your brand need extra space or require upgrade then you will have an authority to fulfill your business requirements.

5. Slow and steady pace wins the race:

Moving from one office to another is not an easy task. It requires time and money in order not to make any hustle and therefore you better be ready to spend more your time to choose the right office for your business. Because any wrong decision will make you suffer in a long run.

Do your homework first by find, then try to visit more many candidate locations and buffer a some months for this task. Sufficient buffer will allow you to  visit and check the all factors before actual moving in. If you don’t have time but you want all the facilities in one place then you can also consult a professional property dealer who has the experience. Their jobs are to  make the best deal for you. Just tell them all  your requirements and within a few weeks or even days they will likely give you your best choice. Don’t be panic or make a hurry in taking the decision.